Ad Spaces

Ad Space Title: Medium Framed Poster Ad

Description: Medium Sized Poster is mounted in a Modern Picture Frame, vertically or horizontally. Full color or B&W available. Please send highest dpi for best qu...

PRICE: 250.00

Ad Space Title: TV While you Pee

Description: Units are installed in front of men's urinals and in women's restrooms in bars

PRICE: $200 Image $350 Video

Ad Space Title: Whiz BANG Color changing urinal Advertising

Description: Whiz-BANG! Advertising is the newest and exciting advertising company out there. I have urinal pad games such as Hockey, Football, Soccer, and casino ...

PRICE: negotiable

Ad Space Title: Medium Framed Poster Advertising

Description: This is Medium Framed Poster Advertising in the Men's room at our Family Restaurant. The Medium Size is 18"x24", B&W or full color. *Please send highe...

PRICE: 250.00

"In advertising, not to be different is virtual suicide."
-William Bernbach