Ad Spaces

Ad Space Title: Elevise Media Elevator Advertising

Description: The readership for the elevator ads exceeds 90% – the lack of other activities in an enclosed space makes advertising frames more attractive and, co...

PRICE: 200

Ad Space Title: Attract 10k eyeballs a day

Description: Corner Spot, attractive place

PRICE: 25000

Ad Space Title: vikbooks

Description: hhhhhhhhhh


Ad Space Title: Long Beach 405 Billboard

Description: Reading to Cherry Avenue and Carson Street, this bulletin shows to all traffi c slowing at the busy intersection. The Signal Hill Auto Center, Lon...

PRICE: $3,000

"When executing advertising, it's best to think of yourself as an uninvited guest in the living room of a prospect who has the magical power to make you disappear instantly."
-John O'Toole