Ad Spaces

Ad Space Title: ads space sell

Description: site daily visitors 3000...... 5$ - 5 day.....


Ad Space Title: selling adspace on popular youtube account which gets more than 7000 daily views

PRICE: generally 100, but dependent on other things

Ad Space Title: Selling advertising space on my body

PRICE: 300 $

Ad Space Title: Selling advertising space on my blog

PRICE: 70.00 $

Ad Space Title: Advertising opportunity on one of Australias premier sailing classes

Description: Asdvertise your company on a moving billboard on Australia's famous Sydney harbour. We offer the unique opportunity to display your companies logo on ...

PRICE: as little as $1500 AUD + signage per season

Ad Space Title: advertise on my 2008 impala

Description: I have a 2008 impala I would like to sell ad space on my car. I work in construction i drive 120 - 250 miles a day. I drive to the twin cities st. Pau...


Ad Space Title: ad space on Body

PRICE: 1000

Ad Space Title: Classic Rock Rewind

Description: Open to work with you to figure out amount of broadcasts per day to price ratio.

PRICE: 5.00

"When executing advertising, it's best to think of yourself as an uninvited guest in the living room of a prospect who has the magical power to make you disappear instantly."
-John O'Toole